Where NOTHING Seems to Be

What I am recording here documents an experience, a perception so massive and central, so fascinatingthat I feel compelled to convey it to others, - an experience that could easily also be yours.

    I can only describe what I perceived, I cannot explain it - neither intellectually nor logically. I also do not want to convince you of anything. I relate what I encountered because I hope to awaken within you a deeply hidden, archaic impulse to also tune into this insight.

    If it were only me experiencing this, I'd hardly take the trouble to set this down in print. Yet I observed that telling others triggered similar perception within them. And because what I experienced is of exceptional beauty, fantastic and magnificent, I am passing it on to you.

    Describing what I encountered is far from easy. Its magnitude, its all-encompassing appeal is so far-reaching, so extensive that our language simply lacks the words, the vocabulary to convey this type of content.

    An analogy is probably best to give an impression of the sheer size of this perception: - Suppose we stand before a skyscraper, say, only one single foot away from it, - we see the stones immediately in front of our eyes, perhaps a few windowsills. We also sense the building extending further up, right and left, - but we don't take in the structure as a whole. There's no orientation how huge it possibly could be, - unless we step back, far back, to perceive its entirety.

    The same applies to my experience. - Daily life, - that what we experience each single day, - resembles such a skyscraper. We stand so close to it, are so involved in all its turbulent events, its feelings, its challenges that we get no idea, not even a notion of its Entirety, its Totality, how vast it truly is. Only when we perceive it from a new, - a distant - angle, do we become aware of the sheer magnitude of what we are involved in, - of life's immense, fantastic, formative power, - of its mysterious origin, - and of the majesty and grandeur of That which manifests this all.

    A whiff of this splendor, this grandness reaches us, when once in a blue moon deep, deep within us there rises that vague feeling that we are so much more, so much greater, so much nobler than what we now live, feel, think, act and tell others. These fleeting insights open our eyes - for whatever brief time - that existence as a whole is far broader, far wider, and has far greater dignity than all our materially, egoistically motivated dealings taken together.

    This Grandeur, this all-encompassing, profound, sublime Majesty deep within us is what I experienced in supreme intensity, - and it remained awake within me ever since.

    This insight gave me everything I ever longed for.

    It showed me the incredible vastness of knowledge, of intuition, of comprehension, of sovereignty dormant within myself  - dormant within every living being.

    It lifted all fear, - and made me aware that any fear is only caused by an exclusive focus on our material form.

    It showed me what this life is really all about, - what I am meant to do with it, - and what it will give me in return.

    And it is infinitely beautiful.


What did I perceive ?



Now, - religiously oriented people might eagerly suggest that I experienced God. - But I emphatically DISAGREE with this opinion. I am certain that any idea of 'God' is externalizing, is projecting qualities and abilities we carry deep within to an outside agency that's separate from us. Why disconnect ourselves from these, our inborn powers that hover just at the edge of our present awareness?

    As long as we transfer this grand, sublime part of us to an external entity, we simply restrict our abilities to directly experience its full strength and make it our own.

    We definitely sense (time and again) how exalted and noble we really are inside, - that we are capable of achieving so much more, able to reach so much farther than we currently do. - Why not go deeper into this, our very own notion, and purposely expand it to its true greatness.  - What would the world need more than everyone realizing this supreme nobility within himself and manifesting it in his daily dealings? -


Are there others who perceive the same ?



As this profound, comprehensive, for me entirely new perception awoke within, I wanted to know if there were others who had experienced anything similar.

    A first mentioning of this I found in an obscure Tibetan manuscript - 'The Tibetan Book of The Great Liberation'. Then another account surfaced in the Upanishads - a collection of ancient Indian scriptures connected to the Vedas.

    These texts are readily available within the public domain, yet mostly are unknown and considered difficult to understand. (To make these scriptures accessible to our times, I transferred them into modern-day language.)

    A third, more elaborate - Western - description I discovered in two manuscripts of the Nag Hammadi scrolls. They belong to more than fifty gospels written shortly after the events in Judea 2000 years ago, but were intentionally excluded from the official collection of scriptures called 'The Bible'.

    Actually all gospels not deemed in line with the official policy fixed by the bishop of Rome, were declared heresies - long before Christianity became a 'government endorsed' religion, - and discarded in total disregard what invaluable insights these first-hand accounts could give into the original message of Jesus, and how significant their contents were for future generations.

    Owning and communicating these contents was punished by banishment or death, the manuscripts hunted down and destroyed - apart from the few spirited away and hidden like those the Bedouins of Nag Hammadi found in an old earthenware jar in the year 1945.


Dangerous knowledge


What powerful information, what dangerous knowledge did these ancient scriptures contain
that they had to be destroyed, be taken so totally out of circulation, so totally out of the minds of all people? What message could be so menacing that even today it is still unknown to almost everyone, that even today the catholic church undertakes considerable efforts to cover up this information, declare it as irrelevant, render it incomprehensible to lay people through convoluted translations to keep its inner strength low, to detract from its inherent power?

    Few people know that early Christianity witnessed an outdrawn fight between two fundamentally different fractions, the consequences of which still profoundly influence us today: - The clash between those who directly experience authentic, individual knowledge about themselves, the universe, the truth about purpose and direction of their existence, who were highly fascinated by these perceptions, and who knew these insights to be directly available to everyone at all times without restriction, - and in the other camp those eager to organize and govern a formal religion, who thus were unwilling to permit independent, inspired, personal insights beyond the control of authorized, licensed priests.

    Any direct perception of a fundamental, all-comprehensive, blissful awareness must almost inevitably irritate those who are unable to experience such insights, - or who do not want them in the first place. The continuous emerging of new, enthusiastic reports of such perceptions brought incessant unrest to the community, which time and again undermined hierarchy and administrative authority. To stop this, the officials of the orthodox, catholic church radically suppressed this free, expansive, ecstatic trend.

    Of the more than 50 gospels that existed 180 AD, Irenaeus, bishop of Lyon, selected four gospels he deemed suitable to the orthodox (lit.: 'properly-thinking') fraction, - with the peculiar argument that the compass after all had also only four cardinal points. To force everyone to think his way, he declared his opinion to be 'universal' ('catholic' in Greek language) and then launched an all-out attack against everyone who disagreed with this dogma. Roughly 200 years later knowledge of man's ability to directly and personally experience the Magnificent, the Sublime, was effectively obliterated from general awareness. Later attempts to revive such knowledge were pitilessly prosecuted, its protagonists killed.

    This - of course - raises the fundamental question why experiencing and communicating a fantastic, blissful perception enhancing one's existence needs to be organized and administered in the first place.

    Our world might look different, if the fascination, nobility and orientation of this original content would have continued to inspire generation after generation.


Restoring the original fascination



As I began reading the manuscripts discovered in Nag Hammadi 1945, - scriptures not distorted by priestly translators and transcribers, - I was fascinated to find descriptions of perceptions identical to mine.

    But I also realized that the words and terms predominantly used in these texts, generated different ideas, meanings, feelings and intuitive contents today than at the time the manuscripts were written. Terms like 'savior', 'revelation',  'father',  'ghost' etc. are nowadays associated with some narrow, religiously-conservative context that does do little justice to the original intent of these scriptures.

    Yet the unique, original strength of the texts immediately returned once I replaced

''Father',  'Ghost', 'The Unthinkable', 'The Incredible'


'The Sublime, the Majestic Grand'


'The grandiose, all-comprehensive, all-permeating, subtle, blissful, continuously expanding awareness manifesting within everything, that causes everything, and that is permanently present within each one of us.'
    (In the restored text I use 'The Grand, the Sublime, the Majestic' according to context.)

'Revelation', 'Truth'


'Gaining insight into this all-comprehensive awareness and perceiving oneself ONE with it.'

'Jesus', 'Redeemer', 'Savior'


'A messenger (guide), who experienced the unfoldment of this self-initiating awareness of one's greater Self and consequently communicated it to others.'

    I further noticed that - because of the old fashioned, grammatically and dogmatically correct style of translation - the texts could easily be put down as negligible, as mere sentimentally embroidered declarations of faith.

    Yet central purpose of these scriptures was - AND  IS - inspiration and communication of vital information, which entirely vanish in the stiff, footnote-crammed translations currently available.

    Thus - to adapt its content and inspiration to our present time, - I formulated a new, vivid interpretation of the Gospel of Truth that brings back life to the excitement and high emotional fascination the original does radiate.

    So as you take this in, open heart and mind to the perception of Greatness, to the dawning of the Magnificent, the Boundless, the Blissful deep within you. Allow its power and unbounded sovereignty to expand your Self to this magnificence as well.

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Author:  Hermann Kuhn
'Where NOTHING Seems To Be'

Copyright 2009 Crosswind Publishing, Wunstorf, Germany

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