Part 3 - Conclusion


General Instructions

In this text the author (Padma-Sambhava) faithfully recorded his own experiences according to his abilities.

    To one who tasted honey, it is superfluous for those who have not tasted it to offer an explanation of its taste.

    If scholars or pundits talk about the ONE Awareness without ever having experienced it, they talk nonsense, despite all their cleverness in expounding the many different doctrinal systems.

    To lend ear - even for a moment - to the reports of one who never approached nor perceived the Great Awareness, is like listening to flying rumours concerning a distant place that never was visited.

    Simultaneous with the first experience of the Exalted Awareness comes release from good and evil.

    As long as the Great Awareness is not known, all practice of good and evil results in nothing more than renewed incarnation in higher or nether regions, or the material world.

    As soon as we become aware of the Wisdom of the Unmanifested, concepts like good and evil karma cease to exist.

    Even as the empty sky seems to contain a source of water (rain), but does not, so also in the Exalted Awareness is neither good nor evil.

    When in our mind we see the Origin – unmanifested Awareness - in all its nakedness, in all its clarity, we realize this path to liberation to be exceedingly profound.

    Seek, therefore, thine own Great Wisdom within.

    What you'll find there is vast and deep.


The Final Good Wishes

Hail to all ! – This is The Knowing of the Exalted Awareness, the Seeing of Reality, Self-Liberation.

    According to ancient tradition these essential aphorisms are kept brief and to the point.

    This text is destined for those future generations who will be born during the Age of Darkness.

    Thus the manuscript was hidden amongst other precious objects in a secret cache.

    May this book be found and read by those blessed seekers of the future.


The Last Advice to the Seeker

Vast, mighty, deep is this exalted wisdom.

    May it not wane until The Origin is known to all beings experiencing the manifested worlds.

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Author:  Hermann Kuhn
Book-Title:  'Where NOTHING Seems To Be'

ISBN:  978-3-9811466-1-5
Copyright 2009 Crosswind Publishing, Wunstorf, Germany

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