Awakening The Highest Dimension of Life

The following text restores the excitement and fascination of an ancient - approx. 2000 years old - scripture. It also adapts it to contemporary language and comprehension.

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Titel: 'Where NOTHING Seems to Be' )

    At the time this manuscript was written, the custom to furnish texts with a title did not exist. Thus when this Nag Hammadi scroll was discovered in 1945, in lack of a designated name, the beginning of the first line - 'The Gospel of Truth ...' (meaning : 'Good and True News') was taken as its label.
    Yet this label does little justice to the very contents of this document. Far more adequate is -


The Highest Dimension

Of Life



Part (1) - (5)

[Zur Übersicht]


Beyond material perception an all-encompassing, huge, majestic, all-permeating and continuously expanding awareness exists which everyone is able to perceive. We all carry this splendid, grandiose awareness within, - and these words intend to awaken this fantastic and indescribably beautiful perception within you.

    A special power resides within this message; - the power to arouse this insight in those who up till now could not perceive it. This special power originates in the All-permeating Sublime, from whence these words rose.

    It bestows hope to those in search for the Sublime, in search of the true purpose of their life, - it opens a new path to find this precious insight in our present time.

    And it delivers from great fear.

Now is the time the material world begins to realize (again) that all its norms, its principles and objectives, that all it strives for, is far from ultimate truth, is far from any valid meaning. The world awakens to the fact that its true origin, that That from whence it sprang, is infinitely greater than all the idols and images it so smugly defines for itself. And the world again begins to seek why it experiences life, and where it truly originates from. Thus it turned towards the Unfathomable, - towards That which escapes all petty reasoning, - towards That which is beyond thinking.

    Ignorance of this Grand All-Permeating Awareness caused terror and fear to seep into the world. It suffocated man's spirit and feelings like a dense fog no-one could penetrate any more.

    Through fear, terror and by choking man's spirit error widened its might. Devoid of reason, in total lack of truth, compassion and understanding its power bent and twisted the world of matter to its will. With immense energy error concocted a creation that - in lieu of truth - had pomp and glamour as its central place.  


Yet the Greatness of the Sublime Unfathomable was never even touched by this. Unaffected by error's and falsehood's creation, firmly grounded in unshakeable truth, it remained unmoved, unchanged in its infinite attractive beauty.

    Hence - despise all error !

    For it doesn't have roots. A thick haze prevents it from perceiving the Majestic, the Sublime.

    Error's presence alone concocts ever new, flawed, imperfect fabrications that prompt disorientation, fear and loss of comprehension in those currently entangled in the world of matter. Error diverts from the true meaning and true purpose of life, it drags existence down, it traps man in tainted doctrines and ideas.

    And error did become so strong that no-one even noticed that it had stifled true comprehension and insight to almost extinction.


The Sublime, the Majestic never causes loss of comprehension. He who perceives this Greatness, he who orients his very cognition and action along this line, never feels disoriented. The Sublime Majestic always and only creates flawless understanding.

    Yet those reacting to this Great, Majestic in a conceited or sanctimonious way might well become disoriented.

    Though now, - that this knowledge is accessible again, - error is easily unmasked, and thereby all loss, all disorientation and all deficiency in comprehension dissolved. The Sublime Majestic rises from its long obscurity. It is again perceived and recognized.

    Deficiency in comprehension will only last as long as the Grand Sublime is not perceived. All lack of insight, all loss of understanding is instantly lifted once we again become aware of the Majestic All-Permeating Awareness.

    If perceived consciously ONCE, - from that very moment onwards this exalted perception is never lost to us again, - it continues to always be present in our awareness.


This conscious recognition, this solid, sublime perception is the core content of this message.

    Long time this information was forgotten, but the messenger called Jesus made man again aware of this. To those, who because of their lack of comprehension lived in timidity and darkness, he showed that to directly perceive the Grand Majestic Awareness was inborn to them and that this was their very right of birth. His message re-opened the path where untouched truth is guiding and becomes the means to illumination.

    Yet error got furious as it had come to know that truth's path had been reopened. (It sensed its power wane.) It persecuted the messenger, destroyed his body and nailed him to a tree.

    Yet exactly this transformed the messenger into its very symbol, - into the very essence of awakening the Grand Truth.

    A symbol that never causes ruin, but grows into a fabulous treasure to those who are perceiving This. In everyone who finds this Grand Majestic Awareness within himself, an imperishable connection opens to the All-Permeating, Incomprehensible Sublime.

    And as they became aware, they recognized their very identity with the Majestic Supreme, from whence material creation sprung, which permeated it and whose Magnificence and Dignity they longed to live again.


Part (6) - (10)

[Zur Übersicht]


Yet even before one grows aware of all this, the Grand Majestic resides deep within each person, - as a potential, an opportunity, an option that may be activated any time.

    And if this perception has not awoken yet, the cause is not the Grand Sublime. It is the choice of those unwilling to give up flawed ideas, - and also because they lack maturity.

    Should awareness of the All-encompassing Majestic be obstructed, it is not because of the Grand Sublime. The Grand Sublime does not know envy, resentment or malice. It never incites this in man (who actually originates from within The Grand).

    Would the Grand Sublime dislike the world to reach perfection, no-one presently experiencing the world of matter could possibly perceive It.

    True is the exact opposite: - Perfection, recognition of the Majestic Sublime reside in man for all eternity, in all past and in all future. Required is only man's willingness to perceive This. At any time everyone can wake This, his very own unspoiled and perfect realization.


The Grand Majestic manifests the world of matter. It also manifests within all phenomena of the material world.

    And it became crucial that the world of phenomena became aware of this.

    This can be compared to someone unknown, who desires to be known and loved by others.

    - What could be more essential to this world than every man growing aware of the Majestic Sublime WITHIN HIMSELF ? -

    For this purpose the Unfathomable Sublime became a patient teacher, - imparting knowledge to every one willing to understand. And the Sublime went into the very midst of people and spoke to them.

    But then came those who take only themselves for wise, and challenged the Grand Sublime. Yet the Sublime showed them their very foolishness and thus they hated It because in truth they weren't really wise.


Those feeling the Majestic Sublime awake within themselves feel new and inexperienced at first in their exulted insight.

    Yet the more familiar they become with It, the more they experience how perceiving the Grand affects their views, their motivations, their innermost being, and thus also their outer world.

    They perceive and are perceived. They get praised and praise others.

    In all their emotions, in all their being, in all their actions they exhibit the entire vividness and fascination that constitutes the essence of the Grand Sublime, - that same vividness and inspiration from whence this world sprang, - the same vividness and inspiration that existed in the Majestic Awareness even before that.

    No-one can ever destroy this essence, this liveliness, this inspiration. Only those obliterating it within themselves, - those not wanting to perceive it, - face ever anew cycles of deaths.

    But to those longing for release, for enlightenment, this fascination becomes life's focus and the path that's leading there.

    Thus the messenger called Jesus patiently endured all hardships till he had gained this knowledge and passed it on.


This process of insight is like reading a last will: - Before it is read to us, we are unaware of what wealth we inherited.

    Similarly this world: - For as long as we are unaware of this world's origin and why we exist in it, we don't know our true, vast potential.

    Therefore the messenger called Jesus took on material existence; - to make this knowledge his own and to reveal it to others.

    And after stripping off the fragile fabric of his body, his essence garbed in immortality, in an indestructibility no-one can ever take from him.

    Descending to the regions where fear and terror reigned, - to those who had forgotten, who were unaware of their innermost radiant essence, he revealed that in fact their awareness is indestructible, immortal, eternal as well, - he radiated insight, radiated the full perfection of the Grand Sublime. And he taught everyone willing to take this in.

    Who ever embraces this wisdom with all his heart and being, experiences the same vividness, the same fascination, the same indestructibility that constitutes the essence of the Grand Sublime. He takes in his sameness with the All-Awareness to its entire depth simply by opening up to this perception.


All existence attains fulfillment in this grand identity.

    Thus we need to seek that which leads towards this goal. - To consciously experience This is inborn to everyone; never can it be taken away from us. We only need to evoke memory of our identity with This to consciously perceive It again.

    For he who is ignorant suffers privation. Unable to access the Grand Sublime dormant within himself he yearns for that which makes him live perfection, live insight into the Magnificent.

    But access to perfection, to this insight isn't automatic. Will and intention is required for us to rise to our union with the Sublime Grand again.

    But then everyone truly experiencing this becomes aware that he had carried this identity, this Majesty within his very being, - had actually already carried it inside for all eternity.


Part (11) - (14)

[Zur Übersicht]


Those who desire to see their dreams, ideas, their fears take bodily form (i.e. those desiring material existence), intentionally detach from the Majestic Sublime for this purpose.

    Yet they go well prepared into this formative encounter. They go in perfect certainty that they again regain cognition of the All-Permeating, Sublime Awareness (from whence they sprang), as soon as they experienced all they chose to learn by taking physical appearance.

    Everyone  with the immense courage to confront his dreams, ideas as well as his fears in material form, becomes aware of his fantastic origin as soon as his or her encounter with (material) experiences is complete.

    Once that part of us that's not immersed in the material world, notices that this learning process is concluded, it makes us again perceive the Majestic Sublime.

    Yet as long as we still are deeply engaged in (material) encounters, we stay ignorant of this particular connection.

    All those whose time of awakening has not yet come, are incapable of heeding this call. Until their learning process is complete they stay ignorant, -  for only by being unaware of their magnificent origin can they experience what they intend to learn with the intensity they crave. And for as long as they are unaware of their true origin, they also die in this ignorance once their life ends.

    Thus it is worth the effort to seek what makes aware of the Majestic Grand Awareness.


Whoever lives this insight, is always someone from above. If he is called, he answers, turns again towards That which is calling him, ascends to It, and grows in insight simply by following this call.

    Aware of this special knowledge he manifests the Grand he feels within through all his action, - and in consequence is handed the sovereignty and freedom, serenity and perfect peace of the Majestic Grand.

    He feels like someone who was drunk and then became sober.

    And since he found himself again, he tidies up what is his own.


The messenger brought many back from error's grip. He led them to their origin, - into the All-Encompassing Awareness they lost once they adopted error to their life.

    He revealed the depth of the Sublime, - how It encompasses all roads and spaces, - how It is penetrating all that has existence, - and how It is even greater than all this.


What happens is a great mystery: -

    Initially those currently engaged in the material world existed in the All-encompassing Sublime, - unaware of Its - their very own - grandeur.

    And they realized that they were incapable of seeing the full greatness of the Grand Sublime in which they lived. Thus they took on material existence out of their own choice.

    The Grand Sublime then revealed itself to them as (new) insight. And they became aware that the material world too is perfectly in harmony with the Majestic Grand.

    These individual impulses of consciousness, - these beings in human form, - are unique initiatives of self-experience through which the Majestic Sublime expands awareness of itself.

    Yet knowledge about this process (The Book of Life) is no mere scripture someone may read and interpret foolishly. This special knowledge carries within the full power of truth and clarity only those can truly speak who consciously do live this truth within their life.

    These words of highest truth connect to the Entirety, they open access to what is Great, to the Sublime within us.

    Each of this message's words presents a complete thought, - each word a flawless manifestation of highest reality.

    The words took form (sound) so that the world may recognize their inborn, imperishable connection to the Majestic Sublime, - so that those presently experiencing themselves as separate from the Eternal Awareness again may see the timeless connection to their magnificent origin.


Part (16) - (20)

[Zur Übersicht]


By making wisdom and insight accessible again, the messenger thus also dissolved all appearances and all pretense.

    This world, dominated by jealousy and quarrel, is in a state of deep privation. The Majestic, Sublime however doesn't know any kind of lack. Privation only comes into existence because the Great, the Noble, the Magnificent is not lived consciously. Yet the very moment we realize the Grand Sublime within, every privation and all lack cease to exist.

    As insight dissolves ignorance, - as darkness vanishes before the light, - so also privation disappears before the Grand Awareness's perfection. Once we perceive the Grand Sublime all outer appearances dissolve.

    (Once we perceive the All-Permeating Grand Sublime, we recognize EVERYTHING as an impulse of this All-Encompassing Majestic. To experience this is infinitely beautiful. It bestows deep serenity, assuredness and sovereignty. We do not vanish in some faceless nirvana, but experience a high state of bliss when we regain and reclaim our own Grand Self.)


As we perceive our identity with the All-Encompassing Awareness, we find our Self. This insight dissolves all our entanglement in the kaleidoscopic world of matter. Like fire insight into the Grand Sublime burns (cleanses) life of all fragmentation, - in its Light all darkness drowns, - in its Life death vanishes.


And once we truly experienced this, let's bring our life (our house) in order, so calmness may enter it and we perceive more of our union with the Grand.

    Let us behave like people who discard broken, useless vessels before they leave a place. This brings the master of the house no loss. On the contrary, - it delights him, since only intact vessels can be filled, bad ones can't.

    Breaking bad vessels is judgment that comes from above. It judges everyone. It's like a double-edged sword whose blade can cut both ways.

    (Untouched by flawed perceptions we valuate whether persons, objects, projects and ideas we surrounded us with do justice to the spirit of the Grand we deeply sense within.

    Applying this yardstick to the world we formed, we measure it, - and thus free ourselves from all that doesn't live up to our unerring perception.

    We ourselves are this incorruptible judge. We only keep what deepens our union with the Sublime. We discard all that impedes this, our exalted perception.)


This message flows from compassion, from the heart of those communicating it. It imparts more than the mere words you hear or read, - it also transmits the fascination and strength the messengers radiate, and the example of their actions.

    Yet this did cause bewilderment amongst the people. - Some realized that they were nothing, despite how high they deemed themselves, - some realized how great they really were, despite the low position they occupied. Some quickly rose to their true eminence, - while others lost what little they had, since they lacked will to grow farther. Some became pure and strong, while others broke before this challenge.

    All the material world's quarters trembled. Everyone was shaken as it became obvious that pride and error's creation had no substance and was doomed. Error got terrified, unable to react. It despaired because in all its assumed might it so plainly lacked orientation and knowledge.

    Whenever error encounters insight, error drowns, and with it all it ever created.

    And it became clear to everyone that error was empty, void and lost all power to mislead.


Highest Truth became life's center to everyone it touched (to everyone truly longing to experience It), - and this enabled them to really see the Grand Sublime. They welcomed their perception and the Sublime's immeasurable strength, - which became theirs because they realized their unity with It.

    Everyone perceiving this embraces this clarity and loves the truth It radiates, - because he feels it in his very being's core.

    Everyone encountering this highest clarity becomes enchanted and wants to share his insight. And while communicating it to others, his words carry this clarity in all its glorious vivacity and thus move others to the core.

    The Grand Sublime communicates by way of fascination, its radiant truth arouses those entangled in the world of matter.

    Through fascination and inspiration the Grand Sublime reveals what man forgot for such long time.


Part (21) - (25)

[Zur Übersicht]


Because in the end - what does exist beyond appearances, beyond all veneer, - what really does exist? - Only the Sublime, the Infinite, Majestic. - Everything taking material existence, every meandering path this world's inhabitants wander, - all springs from the All-Permeating Grand.

    Those touched by this message realize that they emerged from this Grand like children from a perfect being.

    They realized that they - before they took material existence - resided within the Grand Sublime in a state unmanifested.

    While in this unmanifested state they couldn't see what they were going to experience when taking material form: - To become aware of the Grand Sublime they were unable to perceive in all its grandeur as long as they lacked separate experience from It.

    Yet the Grand Sublime is above all this. It is aware of all paths (of all worlds) that reside within It. Once the Grand Sublime chooses to take form, whatever form it chooses does appear. The Grand gives form and task (name) to that which It intends to take appearance, - It thus causes this particular part of Itself to enter material life.

    But those not having entered life yet (those who haven't seen the Grand Sublime yet from an outside - separate - point of view), cannot perceive the whole of Majestic Grand that will (later) cause their existence.


I don't suppose that those who haven't assumed material life yet do not exist. They still reside in That which eventually will want them to experience the world of matter, - and also will want to manifest a future time for this to happen.

    The All-Permeating Grand knows what It creates before it takes form and appearance. But that particular part of the All-Encompassing Grand which has not taken form yet is unaware of this, is unable to act.

    Thus each path (each world) is rooted in the Imperishable, even if its manifested form is transient, perishable, temporary.

    As long as we don't see that we originate in the Imperishable, experiencing the world of appearances does not enrich us.

    Those thinking: 'I am imperishable, even in my material form' (as almost all humans do), lose their life again and again just because they think this way.

    Yet some truth resides in this view: - something imperishable needs to be there, for nothing could take form otherwise.

    Therefore think of yourself: 'I have material existence, yet I take it for a shadow or a chimera of the night.'

    Once light (perception of the Grand within us) shines on these horrors (of the night), we realize that all terror was mere hallucination.


As long as we are unaware of the Sublime Grand because we don't perceive it, we'll continue to be ruled by fear, doubt, vulnerability, confusion, weakness, alienation, - yet these are mere delusions and hallucinations like sleepers encounter in a nightmare.

    We flee and don't know where to hide, - we lose all strength and are hunted, - we fight and get beaten, - we fall from great heights or glide through the air, - we feel in mortal danger though no pursuer is seen, - or we kill others.

    As long as we live under confusion' sway, we won't gain clarity because of the pervasive illusion that surrounds us. Yet once we wake up, we do became able to see.

    Exactly this happens to everyone who sheds his ignorance like a bad dream. Fed up with delusion, tired of the greedy, egoistical objectives dominating the appearances' world he now knows that none of these appearances will last. He leaves all this behind like dreams of the night. Perception of the Grand Sublime becomes his light.

    And now he understands what motivates the sleepers, the unaware ones.- And he also observes how different he himself acts now, - how his activities did change the very moment he perceived his sameness with the Majestic Awareness, - the very moment he woke up.

    This is man's highest achievement: - to regain awareness, - to come around, - to wake up.

    And blessed is he who makes the blind open his eyes, - he who tenders his hand to the fallen to lift him up.

    This is the message: - That now again the path is open, that now again the chance exists to reclaim our very origin, to fully regain the Sublime we deeply sense within.


Man's mind has the ability to understand this message and to experience it in this very life.

    But we not only heard and understood the messenger's word, - we also could see him, touch him, smell him, - and thus experience how someone in human form (like we ourselves) was able to embody, radiate and purposely reveal the Grand Unfathomable.

    The messenger breathed into us what was his deepest mind. He touched our hearts, and thus connected us again to the Sublime within. And many opened up to this perception and took the path leading there.

    But to those deeply entangled in material existence all this looked strange. They never understood the real purpose of the message. They only saw the messenger's human form and could and would not want to see beyond it.

    But nobody and nothing was able to stop the message, because the Imperishable, Majestic Awareness can never be seized nor suppressed.


In new words (different from the clichés and phrases of existing religions and philosophies) the messenger spoke the heart of the Sublime. He spoke of imperishableness, of the validity of the eternal. Light spoke through him and his voice carried life.

    He gave man comprehension, mercy, freedom and strength of mind, - born of the boundlessness of the Sublime and its infinite compassion.

    He ended punishment and misery that clouded man's vision, - because man needed compassion far more than penalty since error had deceived him and bound him to his own ignorance.

    The messenger's strength dissolved all this. He demonstrated error's plain irrelevancy, its utter unimportance, - he showed how error faded to insignificance before perception of the Grand.

    To the misled ones he became the path, - to the ignorant insight, - to seekers the finding, - to the wavering staunchness, - and purification to those thinking themselves unclean.


Part (26) - (27)

[Zur Übersicht]


He is the shepherd who left ninety-nine sheep to search the one astray, the one that's lost. And he rejoiced as he found it.

    Even on holidays he strove for the lost sheep. And by saving it he gave the sheep life; - so that you - children of understanding - will realize what holidays are all about: - that even on these days rescue shouldn't rest; - so that you know that above (in the Sublime) day never becomes night, - that there is light that never goes out and which is perfect.


And as you pass on this message, speak from an overflowing heart, - you, who are the perfect day, - you, who carry within that inextinguishable light. - Speak of the truth to everyone seeking it, of insight to those who error led to ruinous action.

    Fortify those whose insight and perception wavers, - help the ones error made sick. Feed (your wisdom) to those hungering for comprehension, - calm troubled ones by giving hope, - raise those longing to stand up, - and wake the sleepers!

    For you have wisdom. Wield it like a razor-sharp sword. Merge your inner strength with your sagacity, - then you'll command true strength when acting.

    Care for your own growth, - never waste energy on what's behind you. Never burden your life anew with what you stripped off already, don't grieve for what you grew out of. Never provide a new home to the devil (to error),
- you already decided against him.

    Never cling to obstacles about to fall off. Don't put attention to what's wrong.

    What criminals do and amass neither has meaning nor does it last. The criminal damages himself far more than any law.

    The honest act nobly in the open. The Grand Sublime be guide to your action, - after all that's where you sprang from.

    The Sublime is infinitely positive. Whoever chooses It to guide his action, enjoys immeasurable happiness.

    The Sublime knows who you are. This is the very path to find your peace in It.

    Your actions' fruits do speak for you, - your deeds show who you truly are.

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Author:  Hermann Kuhn
'Where NOTHING Seems To Be'

Copyright 2009 Crosswind Publishing, Wunstorf, Germany

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