There's Far More To Life ...

There's more - far more - to life than money,  - than having a fast career, driving a big car, building a house, or finding an attractive partner,

    - than proving to others how special you are, - than having fun and good sex, and being polular,

    - and there's far more to life than vaguely believing in something you never really experience.

    Our world offers  infinitly more  than only that . . .

    There exist other layers to this world, - entire dimensions we are  unaware of -

  • opening up far greater freedom

  • offering far wider perception and understanding

  • layers, where our actions are far more powerful

  • where we find purpose and depth of meaning never thought possible

  • and where our deeest longings all get satisfied.

    These layers exist within you NOW. And it is YOU - YOU, who are reading this now - who certainly is able to experience all this in all its depth. You only have to be aware that these layers actually exist, - how they feel like and what they offer you, - know where to find them, - and how to activate them deep within.

   Your mind, your emotions, your entire being wants to expand into this insight, - in the same way as you spontaneously expanded from the child you once were into the far broader world of an adult.


Knowledge Lost for Millennia

Yet knowledge about these layers, and how to access them, was lost for thousands of years.

    Many who spontaneously entered such insights, - and then tried to inspire others to also access this far wider life and comprehension , - got crushed, suppressed, or bluntly killed by those only interested in holding onto power, comfort and status quo.

    Yet those of insight often left behind descriptions what they experienced, and of the paths to reach there, - sometimes concealed in secret caches, sometimes shrouded in obscuring words, sometimes masked by mystic symbols, - and sometimes hidden in plain sight amongst a mass of irrelevant religious and philosophical works.

    Locating such documents and the invaluable instructions they carry, wasn't easy at first.

    Initially we even weren't even sure exactly what to look for, and the first of these precious manuscripts we almost only found by accident.

   Soon we discovered that much of the real information these documents provided was heavily encrusted by stiff religious embellishment and doctrine.

    - Soon we found out that commentators had often turned the original practical advice into some lifeless - and utterly pointless - formal philosophy.

    - And soon we noticed that many an eminent scholar had shrouded his translations in grotesquely convoluted, unintelligible, footnote-ridden language, - to only hide the fact that he himself had really no idea what he so studiously tried to decipher.

    We stripped away all these superfluous outer shells to get to the core, - to the true insights and practical instructions of the original author. And we adapted the texts to contemporary language and comprehension to restore the excitement and utter fascination these ancient documents do radiate.


This Website

presents the manuscripts we found so far.

They describe -

  • where and how to find the new, expansive layers
  • how to access our hidden abilities

  • how to live life far more intensely than we do now

  • And they offer an entirely new vision
    how this world really functions

    Yet this is an ongoing adventure that probably will never get finalized.

    For as long as new - and ancient - accounts surface how to reach the magnificent origin of what we really are, we intend to add them here.

Author Hermann Kuhn documents this knowledge in his book 

Where NOTHING Seems To Be
( Crosswind Publishing - ISBN: 978-3-9811466-1-5 )

and now also on this website -

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More segments are in preparation.

Enjoy !