The Upanishads - Selected Passages


These selected passages of The Upanishads offer insight how to stabilize and expand perception of our Grand Self.


One word regarding my style of translation. -

    Most translations of The Upanishads look as if they were written with a corkscrew instead of a pen. Just one example: - 'The wise, verily, recognizing life eternal, do not seek the stable among things which are unstable here.'


    This convoluted style is nowhere found in the original texts, but was invented mostly by Christian missionaries in the second half of the nineteenth century, who were among the first to transfer Asian scriptures into western languages.


    Though this scholarly-tedious 'tradition of translation' is still very much en vogue, no law is really mandating that artificial style when interpreting ancient scriptures.


    I prefer to express these texts in contemporary language to make them accessible to readers not proficient in ancient Indian scriptures.


    Rest assure that none of the original meaning is lost by using modern-day expressions.







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